“Do you feel you are paying too much, too little, or just the right amount of income taxes?”

The majority of people I ask that question say “too much” or “way too much”.

If that’s you, let me tell you my story!

Before you go any further, watch this 5 minute video http://vimeo.com/13488057 and then come back to this page.

SANDY BOTKIN, CPA, former IRS tax attorney, founder of the Tax Reduction Institute says:

“The light at the end of the tunnel…is the financial opportunity that starting your own business offers.

Every North American taxpayer who works a full-time job and does not have a side business is probably overpaying taxes to the tune of $3,000 to $9,000 a year.”

Ron Mueller, author of The Book "Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy"

“The BIGGEST "Economic Relief" in America goes to HOME-BUSINESS OWNERS! 
In fact, our government will actually PAY YOU to run your own Home-Based Business!!!”

While you are enjoying the tax savings, keeping more of what you earn, the right business can be building an additional stream of lifetime leveraged residual income for you.

The day you start a home business (mostly learning what to do), you go from typically 3 available tax deduction to about 173!  Our mission is to help you develop the skills to create leveraged residual income!  Residual is working once and getting paid over and over again.  Leveraged is multiplying your time and effort so you are paid for 100 hours when you work only one.  It has been said: “wealth exposes itself to those willing and patient enough to teach others”.  We all can do this if we are patient with ourselves, stay the course, and learn.    Attend our free tele-classes to learn how to make it happen for you!  Email me at davidwlandry@sbcglobal.net or call 773-455-8661.



A few years ago, while I was organizing my data per Ron's recommendations, my wife needed to supply a copy of her tax return for a financial project she was doing.  We filed a tax return as married, filing separately, so she had the required documentation with her W-2 job income.  We got a $35 refund.  Later, I completed organizing my information and we refiled the tax return, adding my income (which had no withholding, increasing our tax liability) but then deducted the expenses as outlined in Ron's book resulting in an additional $5,500 refunded to us!

The following year, we paid $3,000 less taxes.  I've seen many reports that if you have a job with withholding taxes, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 more per year in income tax over a person that has a legitimate home based business.  Ron says the best tax strategy is having a home based business even if it doesn't produce any net income for years.  Having a side business is smart for tax savings and back up income if you can't work.

Following our "pre-school" approach and "internship" protocols, you can qualify for the benefits of savings of 50% or more in income taxes, and long term create additional income to retire on without spending any of your own money.  (We use our money for you. Certain restrictions apply:  Contact me for details.)..  By joining our USANA team, you are with the cutting edge of the trillion-dollar wellness industry and by serving the needs of as few as three people and working with our team and two partners, the network we create can pay $1000 a week when the network matures.  For full information and how to enroll in my business development "pre-school" to make this work, contact me today.


Out of the 100-plus tax breaks passed SO FAR for home-based businesses, here are the TOP SEVEN:

1.   Home Office Deduction (this even lets you write-off your RENT!)

2.   Business-Use of Personal Vehicles (this may be your BIGGEST deduction - see Example below)

Click here for a free copy of a Vehicle Use Log form

3.   ALL out-of-pocket Health and Medical Costs (for the whole family!)

4.   Hiring your own Children (as young as 7 years old, up to $5,700/child!)

5.   Combining Business with Pleasure while on Trips (vacations just became deductible!)

6.   Meals and Entertainment (this deduction is bigger than ever, and totally safe!)

7.   Depreciating home furniture & furnishings used part-time for business.

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Biggest Deduction Example 

With all the home business out there, how do I make an informed choice?

 Be careful about jumping into a business.  I've talked with so many people that got burned because the money people were making was only in selling the business itself and was not sustainable.  We're so confident that this works (if you work with us), I can offer you unlimited use of our Internet resources FREE as long as you need and we'll use our money to get you started.  If you need to, you can start with us without investing any of your own money, ever, period.  You can't lose on this offer.  Why do we do this?  Most people today need extra income, not someplace to put their extra money.  We have a mission to keep people from dying too soon.  We can accomplish more when you are on the team.  Dr. Dennis Waitley said, "T.E.A.M. = Together each accomplishes more".  With you on the team, we can accomplish more and we'll share the wealth with you


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