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Epidemic Levels


·        Blindness

·        Amputation

·        Kidney failure

·        Premature death


Diabetes is now at epidemic levels.  We are bombarded with advertising for diabetes testing meters, supplies, and so forth but hardly ever hear that type II diabetes (which accounts for about 90% of all the new cases each year) is fully preventable and even may be reversible.


Type II diabetes has increased 500% in just the last generation.  Diabetes is the leading cause of adult blindness, amputation, kidney failure, neuropathy, and a major cause of death. 


We have reason for concern.  The Centers for Disease Control predict that children born after the year 2000 have a 30% chance of developing diabetes in their lifetime and that number increases to 50% for Black, Hispanic, or Native American.


This epidemic of diabetes and obesity is threatening to bankrupt the present health care system.  Clearly something has to be done.


Insulin Resistance

Our sedentary, fast food American lifestyle over years of time is what it takes to develop diabetes.  Ninety percent of the new cases of diabetes are type two and are due to insulin resistance.  Fortunately, this is one of the most preventable and even reversible diseases.  We are not talking about a cure; rather we are talking about removing the cause.  Depending on the damage level, complete reversal has happened in clinical practice.


When your lifestyle choices spike your blood sugar and therefore insulin levels, your cells develop a resistance to insulin requiring higher and higher insulin levels.  Insulin is the fat storing hormone.  These higher levels lead to central weight gain and the inability to lose weight regardless of what diet or exercise path is chosen.


When you are insulin resistant, your arteries start aging faster: When you have two birthdays, your arteries age about three:  In ten years your arteries will have aged fifteen years!


The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that 25% of the population is in the early stages of insulin resistance.



Healthy for Life Program



The Healthy for Life Program is a physician developed, clinically tested program.  When you combine this triad of healthy lifestyles (Healthy Diet – Modest Exercise Program – Cellular Nutrition), all of which improve insulin sensitivity, you are able to “tip back” into a normal metabolic state as you slow down the aging process.  Benefits of the Healthy for Life Program include:




SAVE Money, Too


While the benefits of this lifestyle program are priceless, participants in the 12 week program often find they are spending less money in total on their diets at the end than they did before starting the Healthy for Life Program.


Take Action Today!


Clinical experience shows that four out of five people would rather make life style changes than to be dependent on management with drugs.


Diabetes is also called “the silent death” It is far, far easier to keep the good health you have today than to try to recover your health after it is lost.


Regardless of what your health condition is today, the Healthy for Life Program will benefit you.  Don’t wait for disease to set in, be proactive and improve your health everyday with the Healthy for Life Program.


Someday your health will be the single most important issue in your life.  Remember: When you don’t feel good nothing else matters.


It takes years to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and most all of the degenerative diseases.  New research shows that these diseases are quite preventable with good life style choices.


Clinical Study


Contact me by phone or E-mail if you would like to know how you can obtain a free copy of the Healthy for Life Program clinical study.


Doctor Support


Thousands of doctors and health care professionals have discovered the effectiveness of the nutritional support of the Healthy for Life Program and now use this “first step therapy” in their medical practice.  Doctors who have Internet Web Sites can have a link to offer the support of the Healthy for Life Program right on their web site.  If you are a physician or health care practitioner, contact me for more information on the physician support services.


Share our Vision


If you are inspired by this breakthrough in “nutritional medicine” and would like to share this information with family, loved ones, friends, and others; there is a wonderful opportunity to earn some part time or even full time income.


We’d be happy to discuss being a “referring partner” or the training program and certification process to be a Team Leader in the Healthy for Life Program.  Call or email me today!  Let’s add healthy years to people’s lives